Stop Motion video

For those who like to watch youtube, they must have seen various kinds of video stops in the timeline . It is rather complicated and requires a level of creativity that is quite capable of making it, but there is no need to worry because we can find a lot of inspiration from existing videos. If you like and want to use the concept of drawing means just prepare the tools for drawing and coloring, whereas if you want to use the concept of paper cutouts we can cut from magazines or newspapers that are not used. Because stop motion does not use video files as material, but photos or images. Then we need to take pictures gradually in accordance with the concepts we have prepared. If you have a tripod it can be used to get a stable image. After that stay put together and edited onsoftware choice agan and sista. Don’t forget to add songs and effects so that they are more interesting when watched.

Video Collection of Memories

If the one discussed above is a stop motion video, if this is a video of your friend’s trip with you and your close friends. Definitely have a lot of photos together, nowadays when it comes to gathering, it doesn’t feel like the upload is like that. Now unite the photos and sort by time then edit in your chosen software . Don’t forget to insert a short video of a birthday greeting or it can also be in the form of writing, including songs that will make your videos more lively. Songs that he likes or that evoke memories of your friendship can be a choice, including songs like True Friends (Sheila on 7), Cocoon (Sindentosca), All about us (Peterpan) and many other choices of friendship songs.

Scrap Book

Looking back on beautiful memories, only this is not a video but in the form of a scrap book. The scrap book can be filled with your photos and also briefly retell valuable moments with him next to the photo along with the date when the photo was taken. Don’t forget to decorate the scrap book as interesting as possible with colorful paper, patchwork, glitter , colorful markers, and other decorations in accordance with the concept that you and your friends make. If nothing does not need to be forced, just use what is in our house. Making scrapbook is very interesting because it can spur our creativity.

Pop-up cards

Pop-up card? What is it? Maybe someone has never heard of it. A pop-up birthday card is a card that when you open it will appear the object that we created, while if it is closed the object will not be seen outside because it is hidden in the fold of the card. The tools needed are also simple and easy to find, paperboard, colorful paper, colored pencils, scissors, and glue. It is rather difficult to find inspiration not to mention if you do not know how to make it, just try searching for it on the internet if it is dead-end not knowing how to make it. Surely after that just imagined want to make what and how.

Bottle of Memories

This gift is perfect for friends who are forgetful and unconscious, especially forgetting to keep your memories. If you still keep memories, especially during the beginning of your friendship, it’s easier to just buy a jar at a department store or accessories, then put the object. What are you confused about? Can tickets watch the first film you see, tickets to tourist attractions, print your first photo, birthday cards / letters, things that have been missed and forgotten (erasers, accessories and more) and much more, because every friendship must have unique, memorable, and unforgettable stories of each.

Birthday Coupons

Ever watched Drakor Reply 1997? If you’ve ever imagined it, how is it useful for this birthday coupon. Agan and Sista just prepare 10 coupons (blank paper continues to fill according to taste Emoticons-Wink), the contents are free can things that friends agan and cyst like or what you usually do together. For example watching a movie together, cooking her favorite food, entertaining her when upset, pajamas party , and other interesting ideas to do. Not only fun for our friends, but of course it can also further strengthen your friendship relationship.

Favorite Song CD

Favorite Song CD
Favorite Song CD

Agan and cista’s friends really like listening to songs? What is the favorite song about … Justin Bieber? Taylor Swift? Exo? Sheila on 7? or old songs like Koes Plus? Candra Darusman? Whatever it is, just collect it into one on the cd, if it is now possible on the flashdisk. Surely your friend will be very happy, because from now on there are his favorite songs that accompany him when he studies, cleaning the room, or just to fill his loneliness when bored.

Doodle Speech

Doodle Speech
Doodle Speech

For Agan and Sista who are hobbies or good at drawing, this is perfect. Just make doodle birthday greetings. Then the doodle can be pasted on cardboard and accompanied by birthday greetings from us and other friends. If you can attach a photo of your togetherness, don’t forget to decorate it with decorations. Guaranteed definitely a friend agan and cyst like and certainly will be posted on the wall of his room.