Friendship Between Humans and Grizzly
Friendship Between Humans and Grizzly
Friendship Between Humans and Grizzly

Nicknamed the “creature magnet” as a child, Casey Anderson experienced childhood in Montana encompassed by wild and creatures. After school, he turned into a creature guardian and coach at untamed life parks, venturing out to elephant halfway houses in Kenya, spending time with crocodiles and notwithstanding getting whipped by a mountain lion.

At that point child Brutus came into his life. Brutus was conceived in an overpopulated natural life park. Casey safeguarded him from being euthanized and fabricated another haven only for Brutus. A characteristic entertainer, Brutus was agreeable around individuals, making him an ideal colleague to show park guests about grizzly life systems and preservation — and featuring in instructive recordings and even component movies and network shows.

Today, Brutus keeps on being Casey’s best buddy. “Brutus has been a gigantic piece of my life. He’s similar to, well he really was, my best man.”

Together they have chipped away at highlight films, network shows, and plugs. When they are not on set they go through their days at Montana Grizzly Encounter, a bear protect and instruction office that Casey established in 2004, situated in Bozeman, Montana. Regardless of whether they are teaching people in general on grizzly protection, wrestling in the grass, or on an area, this couple cherishes what they do.

Brought up in East Helena, Montana, Casey is a fifth era Montanan and has been engaged with Film and Television creation for more than 12 years. An untamed life naturalist, Casey has chipped away at a few natural life documentaries. He drove two undertakings to Botswana’s Okavango Delta for the HD natural life arrangement Untamed. His acting resume incorporates the TV arrangement Wild Wacky World, a job in the component film, Iron Ridge, and National Geographic’s Expedition Wild

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