Pen pal? what is Pen pal ??? Penpal is arguably our friend. but what friend is that?
Often you don’t send-send letters / postcards ???

Well that’s Penpal. PEN PALS. since 2011 I have penpals. Not a few of them are friendly. Many benefits we can take 🙂

Penpal relationships are often used to practice reading and writing in foreign languages, to improve literacy, to learn more about other countries and lifestyles, and to make friends. Like friendship in life, some people remain penpals only for a short time, while others continue to exchange letters and gifts for life. Some penpals eventually arrange to meet face to face, sometimes leading to serious relationships, or even marriage.
Penpals come in all ages, nationalities and cultures. Pals can search for new Pen Friends based on their own age group, specific jobs, hobbies, or someone select is completely different from them to gain knowledge about the world around them.

Most people write for penpals who do not use their native language in their letters, with the exception of natives in Western countries.
A modern variation in traditional penpal settings is to have e-mail and exchange of addresses and / or not paper letters. This has the advantage of saving money and becoming faster, so that many messages are exchanged in a short time. The disadvantage is that communication can be very short if email messages are not routinely stored.

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Many people prefer to receive paper letters, getting the satisfaction of seeing their names carefully printed on thick envelopes in the letter. Using post, it is possible to trade coupons, swap slips, postcards, stamps, and other things that are light and flat enough to fit inside an envelope, often called “tuck-ins”. Many penpallers want to trade sticker sheets, notecards and stationery sets.

Penpal clubs can be found on the Internet, in column magazines, newspapers, and sometimes through special clubs or interest groups. Some people look for romantic interests, while others just want to find friends. It seems, on the internet, that the term “pen pal” defines those who seek relationships, where pen pals come from postal correspondence and have evolved for something more meaningful. Penpals also make and distribute friendship books, slams and crams.

You can watch this video that explains about pen pals

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Experience: I’ve been writing to my pen pal for 81 years

It was more than 80 years ago that I wrote my first letter to Paul and Renée. I was about 13, at Washington secondary school in County Durham. Paul was the same age as me, his sister Renée was two years younger, and they lived in Vienne, south of Lyon in France. I liked learning languages, so I was pleased when my French teacher assigned us pen pals. I wrote my letter in French and told them my age and that I liked football. I’d never been to France; this was before the war, and it seemed as unlikely as going to Mars.

Experience: I’ve been writing to my pen pal for 81 years

It was quite a thing to get a letter from a foreign country, so I looked forward to receiving their reply. Paul was not a sporty type, so we didn’t have much in common, but they did go skiing, which was new and exciting for us in England. He wasn’t particularly good at English, so after six months or so we were both writing in French.

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