2 yo Boy forms Friendship With Trash Truck Driver
2 yo Boy forms Friendship With Trash Truck Driver

A 2-year-old kid from Mira Mesa holds up outside his home each Tuesday morning to welcome his closest companion – the refuse truck fellow.

“Thomas simply adores waste vehicles. He tunes in to waste vehicle tunes throughout the day. He watches dump truck recordings,” his mom said. Each Monday night, the Osentowski family makes treats in readiness to welcome Ron Rowe, a City of San Diego truck driver, on Tuesday morning.

His mom said on Tuesdays around 6:30 a.m. they hear Rowe’s waste truck land in the area. The family goes outside to trust that Ron will dismantle up to their garage. “Regardless of the temperature, whatever may happen, we’re around here hanging tight for Ron,” Thomas’ dad said.

Rowe revealed to FOX 5 he acknowledges the companionship with Thomas – and the sweet treats are a reward.

“This is most likely the feature of the day. Thomas gets so energized,” Rowe said. “This is a better aspect regarding this activity without a doubt.”

Thomas’ father said through his child’s fixation the family has progressed toward becoming alleged specialists on waste administration. “We certainly know a great deal about waste administration and reusing,” he said.


The Osentowski family trusts the kinship will be a real existence exercise for Thomas on diligent work and consideration.

“It’s an extremely slick anecdote about great individuals doing pleasant things.

“This simply formed into a companionship,” his mom said. “Ron is Thomas’ closest companion the extent that I’m concerned.”

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